Since its inception in 1938 and incorporation in 1952, SEPCO has emerged as a leading manufacturer in the electrical distribution industry. Built on the foundation of quality products and personalized customer interaction, SEPCO delivers unparalleled service and knowledge to meet and surpass each customer’s expectations.

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Morris (Pop) Reddock founded SEPCO with his son Philip in 1938 selling metal fabricating and stamping parts out of a garage. Phil was the office “front man,” while Morris liked to go on the road to do business and see customers, and to pick up new ones along the way. He would go to customers and not necessarily ask them what they needed, so much as tell them what they needed to purchase for their stock.
You could always recognize Morris by his signature bow-tie, loafers and half-smoked cigar. He was a mere 5′ 1″ tall but people saw him as a giant in the business field at that time. Morris, who everyone called ‘Pop’ or ‘MD’, passed away in 1969. He left a strong and continuing policy at SEPCO of superior customer service, excellent delivery, and a legacy that endured today through his son Phil’s Son-in-Law Howard, and Howard’s son Ross.


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